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How can The Alexander Technique help me?

The Alexander Technique can help with muscular or posture related pain.  It can also help enhance the performance of actors, singers and athletes. It can help improve balance and co-ordination and help people who sit at desk and use computers all day. It can also help with migraine relief and stress related problems.

How long does a lesson last?

A lesson lasts around 45 minutes to 1 hour.

What happens during a lesson?

You will be taken by the teacher through a range of everyday activities, such as sitting and standing, using verbal direction and hands on guidance, your teacher will see where you are holding tension, you may spend time laying on the table where you can use gravity to help release tension and lengthen muscles. 

Is it like Yoga or Pilates?

Although the Alexander Technique recognizes “thinking in activity” it is not a series of postures or exercises, more a way of using your body in everyday activities without harm, in fact learning the Technique will help you in your Yoga and Pilates classes.

Will it hurt?

NO, your teacher will use verbal directions and gentle hands on guidance. However, sometimes as tension is released the body changes, this can feel a little strange to begin with.

How many lessons will I need?

As every body is different it is very difficult to say exactly how many lessons you would need.  The Technique is not a Therapy, some people find they feel better after the first lesson, but you will definitely need more than one! There is unfortunately no quick fix, I offer different packages so that together we can tailor an individual programme for you.

Will I have to do any exercises at home?

As mentioned before, there are no exercises involved however, laying down on the floor and thinking about releasing any muscular tension for around 10 minutes everyday will pay dividends.  As you become more body aware you will find that what you have been learning in lessons will start to filter in to everyday life.

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